About Oishi

Oishi brings you delicious sushi and Asian sides, prepared by skilled sushi chefs who use only the best ingredients available. Order online, by phone or via our mobile app and our friendly delivery team will bring your order right to you, whether that’s at home, at the office or wherever else you’re choosing to dine. We’re the perfect ingredient for staying in, stylishly.

Sushi Rice

Our sugar-free and gluten-free sushi rice is prepared with classic Japanese short grain rice for an authentic sticky texture. We use Monk Fruit, a zero-calorie and natural alternative to sugar, to add a delicate sweet taste to our delicious sushi rice.

Norwegian Salmon

We import fresh sashimi-grade Atlantic Salmon direct from Norway three times per week. Our skilled sushi chefs fillet our salmon to perfection, ensuring that we serve salmon with exquisite taste, delicate texture and rich colour.

Yellowfin Tuna

We work very closely with local fishermen and suppliers to serve fresh sashimi-grade Yellowfin Tuna. Our tuna is locally caught with rods and reels, the most sustainable fishing method, and expertly graded to ensure that we serve only the best.

Red Sea Prawn

We import freshly frozen prawns that are farmed in the waters of the Red Sea. With it’s high salinity, prawns from the Red Sea have a uniquely mild and sweet taste, and a perfect crunch and flavorful texture.